Umeboshi Shoes

Another fun shoot with my favourite shoe ladies. If you haven't checked out their online store then click here NOW...

The Richmond Golf and Country Club

Summer Sunrises with a camera and a pitching wedge...

My favorite moments as a photographer happen during the magic hour. This happens right before sunrise or right after sunset. Unfortunately for me the magic hour started around 4 AM when I shot these images for the Richmond Golf and Country Club. Here are some images from a few early mornings while juiced on caffeine...


A few portrait examples from a recent shoot I did for The Richmond Golf and Country Club...

Will Work For Shoes!

If you live in Vancouver and like rad shoes then you might want to check out Umeboshi for your footwear needs. Over the past few months I've had the pleasure of shooting product and editorial photos for the ladies at Umeboshi shoes. They're rad, and so are their shoes... Go buy some!

Or check them out online...

Baby AJ

It's been awhile since I blogged... baby duty has been happily consuming my time lately.

Here are a few of my favorite memories from Anderson's first month with us. Happy one month birthday to my baby boy AJ!

Fresh to the world
The night after the journey
First time seeing my camera (won't be the last)
First Bath
First family outing (Capilano Suspension Bridge)

Family Outing

   With fatherhood quickly approaching for me, it won't be long before I understand what it's like to be a tired dad. With that in mind, I shot this small photo project to portray the exasperated father.

   This project was shot in two parts. The subjects were photographed in studio on a grey seamless backdrop and the restaurant sign was photographed at a road side location in Salmo, BC. The two components were later merged in Photoshop.

It was a fun experience working on this project. Big thanks to my friend Sanjay and his adorable daughter Isabelle for being great subjects!


Kenya Wildlife

     A glimpse of the wildlife found in Kenya. These shots are compiled from three Kenyan nature reserves... The Massai Mara, Ol Pajeta, and Samburu.


Faces from Kenya

  I travelled to Kenya this past March with my brother, his wife and two kids, and my mom. My mom is in her early 70's, but embraced the adventure to Kenya without reservation. Not even a full body rash caused by a reaction to Malaria pills kept her down! She's definitely a trooper!

     I had some amazing experiences while in Kenya. I visited primary schools and experienced how the African kids lived and learned. I witnessed two massive rain storms engulfing a clearing over the mountain ranges in Samburu, and I saw a pride of lions enjoying a water buffalo after a kill on the Massai Mara. There were so many great experiences to document. here are a few of my favourite portraits from my trip...



     Nelson B.C. truly is a magical little town. I was born in Nelson 37 years ago but hadn't travelled back in over 30. I was excited when a couple of my good friends invited me for a trip there this past Summer. What a great place to escape the hectic life of Vancouver!

 Here's a few sights and a few faces I met while there...




It's been awhile since I've had a good street photo session. I guess I haven't felt the vibe lately in Van city. Usually a trip to a new country helps jump start the creative process.

I'd heard great things about Cuba and was excited  to see for myself what Cuba was all about.  Interesting people, vibrant colours, great music, and a unique cultural history all helped provide a great backdrop to photograph my experience.

Here's a small selection of my photos from Cuba...


Phil and the cup...

It's been awhile since I've added to my blog. I guess I needed the post Stanley Cup blues to wear off so I could enjoy sports again! That being said, although the Canucks may have fallen short in their quest to grasp the cup... I'm glad I didn't!

A good friend of mine called before the big Game Seven and offered me a chance to visit and photograph the Stanley Cup. Quite simply... an offer I couldn't refuse! There it was!!!! It was resting in a large case inside a small hotel room in downtown Vancouver.  Crammed inside the room with the cup... was Phil Pritchard, one of the official "Keepers of the Cup".

How amazing to be that close to an iconic piece of Canadian culture. The Cup had a look and smell of an old piece of jewelry that had been boxed up in an attic for years. The body of the Cup was less than pristine;  the dents and scratches told of crazy nights with great hockey legends of the past and present. I have to admit... It was pretty RAD!

Hopefully the Nucks will get their chance to meet Phil and the cup this year!!!

Phil and the cup!



     I learned a good lesson in dedication while on vacation in California. I stopped at a little town called Niland on the eastern side of the Salton Sea. Niland is a town I might normally drive right through, a place where I'd fill up with gas and hit the road. However, on this occasion, I made it my purpose to explore further because I was on a mission to find Salvation Mountain and Slab City...

     About 5 minutes from Niland is Slab City, a community of winter-time, sun-seeking snowbirds on wheels. And, immediately adjacent to Slab City is Salvation Mountain a man-made structure consisting of  adobe mixed with straw which holds it all together. Salvation Mountain is the result of a lifetime of work by a man named Leonard Knight, who came to Niland some 20 odd years ago and started his quest to build a mountain in the desert for God.
I know what you are thinking... sounds crazy right? However, in spite of what you might think about Leonard and his faith, one thing you can't help but admire is Leonard's dedication. It was truly amazing to see what this man had built over the last 20 plus years and even more amazing to hear that he had done it by hand, without the aid of modern technology. It was impossible for me not to be inspired by Leonard's perseverence and dedication to his beliefs. There is something to be learned from Leonard Knight...

     Here are a few pictures from my time at the Salton Sea...

Leonard (The Man, The Myth, The Legend!)

Mike (Doing god's work!)

Bill (Self proclaimed mayor of slab city)

Bill (Also the bouncer at Slab City`s outdoor concert venue `The Range`)

Bombay Beach

Bob (loves a good Tilapia)

Fish on a stick!

Check out my website to see more images from California



The Philippines

     I decided to start 2011 with a trip to the Philippines. Before this year, I'd never considered travelling to the Philippines. I'm not really sure why? I guess it never struck me as a vacation destination! That being said, I've always envisioned it as an exotic Asian location known for its beaches, cheap beer, and friendly people. I wasn't disappointed!

     Our Home base was a little island called Boracay which lies in the Western Visayas... a popular group of islands in the Philippines for western travellers. This would be my home for the time being. My goal was to explore the island as much as I possibly could in a month. I quickly set out, carrying my camera with me as often as possible, authentically documenting the culture and people. I learned that Filipinos are very friendly and interested in conversing with western travellers. Needless to say I had an amazing adventure and returned home with almost 3000 pictures as a remembrance. Below are a few of my favourites.




West Caribbean

Local Flavour "West Caribbean style"

     A quick trip to the Caribbean was all it took to bring back my travel bug. Stops were made in Cozumel, the Grand Caymens, Honduras, and Belize. It's always intrigued me how real local culture is easily overlooked by those who choose to ignore it.

     This was quite noticeable when walking down the main strip in Cozumel. Don't get me wrong... I love seeing drunken frat boys getting the boot from the local senor frog's just as as much as the next man. But, why travel to these places and not venture away from the comfort of the gated hotels to experience real cultural authenticity. A short 10 minute walk inland from the ocean forced me to abandon English for simple Spanish terms long ignored and forgotten since the 10th grade.

     I made it my mission to acquaint myself with some of the real individuals that live and struggle in these communities on a daily basis. I met and photographed Hondurans, Mexicans, and a few Jamaicans that wanted me to sponsor them to come to Canada... I wish I had that kind of pull!

Here are a few images from my trip...

East Hastings

A Night in the Vancity Eastside...

I recently spent a night walking and photographing the eastside of Vancity with a group of WHL hockey players from the Red Deer Rebels and some plain-clothed police officers from Vancouver. The purpose of this ... to spread drug awareness to the youth of B.C!

Aliens and Chains
At the Pharmacy

     I've lived in Vancouver most of my life, but never experienced East Hastings in this way. It was an eye opening experience I`ll never forget. It was shocking to observe the lifestyle of the residents of this community, but also amazing to experience the sense of community that existed between these people. Though I was visiting a community of misfits, I felt like I was the misfit. The people in this community knew and looked out for one another.

     We observed drug deals, prostitution, drug use, physical assaults, and utter craziness! For some reason, all of this felt normal in this environment. I used to think East Hastings was a spot where the outcasts and misfits would congregate and disobey the law. Now I understand it`s a spot of comfort where common friends share the same problems.

The Light
On the way home