East Hastings

A Night in the Vancity Eastside...

I recently spent a night walking and photographing the eastside of Vancity with a group of WHL hockey players from the Red Deer Rebels and some plain-clothed police officers from Vancouver. The purpose of this ... to spread drug awareness to the youth of B.C!

Aliens and Chains
At the Pharmacy

     I've lived in Vancouver most of my life, but never experienced East Hastings in this way. It was an eye opening experience I`ll never forget. It was shocking to observe the lifestyle of the residents of this community, but also amazing to experience the sense of community that existed between these people. Though I was visiting a community of misfits, I felt like I was the misfit. The people in this community knew and looked out for one another.

     We observed drug deals, prostitution, drug use, physical assaults, and utter craziness! For some reason, all of this felt normal in this environment. I used to think East Hastings was a spot where the outcasts and misfits would congregate and disobey the law. Now I understand it`s a spot of comfort where common friends share the same problems.

The Light
On the way home