West Caribbean

Local Flavour "West Caribbean style"

     A quick trip to the Caribbean was all it took to bring back my travel bug. Stops were made in Cozumel, the Grand Caymens, Honduras, and Belize. It's always intrigued me how real local culture is easily overlooked by those who choose to ignore it.

     This was quite noticeable when walking down the main strip in Cozumel. Don't get me wrong... I love seeing drunken frat boys getting the boot from the local senor frog's just as as much as the next man. But, why travel to these places and not venture away from the comfort of the gated hotels to experience real cultural authenticity. A short 10 minute walk inland from the ocean forced me to abandon English for simple Spanish terms long ignored and forgotten since the 10th grade.

     I made it my mission to acquaint myself with some of the real individuals that live and struggle in these communities on a daily basis. I met and photographed Hondurans, Mexicans, and a few Jamaicans that wanted me to sponsor them to come to Canada... I wish I had that kind of pull!

Here are a few images from my trip...