The Philippines

     I decided to start 2011 with a trip to the Philippines. Before this year, I'd never considered travelling to the Philippines. I'm not really sure why? I guess it never struck me as a vacation destination! That being said, I've always envisioned it as an exotic Asian location known for its beaches, cheap beer, and friendly people. I wasn't disappointed!

     Our Home base was a little island called Boracay which lies in the Western Visayas... a popular group of islands in the Philippines for western travellers. This would be my home for the time being. My goal was to explore the island as much as I possibly could in a month. I quickly set out, carrying my camera with me as often as possible, authentically documenting the culture and people. I learned that Filipinos are very friendly and interested in conversing with western travellers. Needless to say I had an amazing adventure and returned home with almost 3000 pictures as a remembrance. Below are a few of my favourites.