Phil and the cup...

It's been awhile since I've added to my blog. I guess I needed the post Stanley Cup blues to wear off so I could enjoy sports again! That being said, although the Canucks may have fallen short in their quest to grasp the cup... I'm glad I didn't!

A good friend of mine called before the big Game Seven and offered me a chance to visit and photograph the Stanley Cup. Quite simply... an offer I couldn't refuse! There it was!!!! It was resting in a large case inside a small hotel room in downtown Vancouver.  Crammed inside the room with the cup... was Phil Pritchard, one of the official "Keepers of the Cup".

How amazing to be that close to an iconic piece of Canadian culture. The Cup had a look and smell of an old piece of jewelry that had been boxed up in an attic for years. The body of the Cup was less than pristine;  the dents and scratches told of crazy nights with great hockey legends of the past and present. I have to admit... It was pretty RAD!

Hopefully the Nucks will get their chance to meet Phil and the cup this year!!!

Phil and the cup!